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Best workflow for producing bluray discs ?

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    Originally posted by antonsvideo View Post
    I only recommend top field first for interlaced footage

    p footage, set to progressive

    I have done lots of testing with progressive pal shooting and editing and authoring at pal 25fps, but I can't get fluid movement during pans, tilts, zooms, whereas 50i top field first footage is perfect for me and I will stick to it for now

    I use DVDit Pro HD 6.4 for BD-R and the results are great, the ES streams from Edius or T4 (sharper) are accepted without further re-encoding, program streams are not accepted

    can you send me a 5 sec p program stream BD ready file and I will see how DVDit reacts

    Servus und pfiertegod aus Sydney
    Thanks so far! Will send you a short sequence later.

    Currently it seems that TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 does everything my customer needs at a very reasonable price.

    The problem with DVDit Pro HD is that there ain't a demo available (and it isn't localized, also).