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why do I only get audio when importing avi

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  • why do I only get audio when importing avi

    I cant seem to inport avi files without losing the video on it, just the audio is imported.

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    Are you talking about importing to the bin or to the timeline?


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      Do you have the required codec installed on that system? Does the video play in Windows Media Player?


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        I was trying to import it to the bin so i can use it in my timeline. and I have no clue if i have the codec, my tv station bought 2 canopus idiots i mean EDIUS, lol. and they said here u have a new NLE now show me cool spots, I was hoping for FCP but u how that goes. Oh and they didnt come with any manuals, im fighting the company i got the systems from for those. thats my story and this forum is my new best friend til I learn this different style of NLE that puts a title track below video but shows top down like every other NLE. but thats me venting about canopus.


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          If you haven't already, you should also visit
          EDIUS means more formats and more resolutions in real-time for the ability to Edit Anything, Fast. EDIUS is the 4K HDR perfect finishing tool for professional productions, including documentary and theatrical productions.

          Where did these AVIs come from?
          Does the AVI play in Windows Media Player?

          You can download GSpot from to identify what codec the AVI needs.