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Vale DV Storm (and all the chatter)

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  • Vale DV Storm (and all the chatter)

    I am disappointed to see the old forums vanish. I appreciate the need to sell new products and no doubt promotion of EDIUS makes good business sense. Possibly there is no further need to discuss Storm Edit or Raptor but the "old" forums did offer an opportunity to exchange views and techniques that went beyond Canopus' immediate proprietary interests.

    Canopus had many loyal customers who grew with the product base through exchange of experience and ideas. Thomson / Grass Valley should at least consider inclusion of a general video related discussion forum that is not necessarily tied to an immediate Grass Valley product plan.

    Today's amateurs have a way of becoming tomorrow's professionals. A narrow forum scope is unfriendly to the newbies. They will likely go somewhere for discussion. They will likely end up using Final Cut Pro instead of Edius.

    Think about it.

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    If users end up using EDIUS, they can come here. If they end up using Final Cut, they can go to Apple's forum.

    No one forum is going to be the all-encompassing area. The ones that try have a bad tendency to get bogged down with too much information traffic. The goal with this new forum is to keep things easily accessible with a high "information density."

    There are a number of good general video editing discussion boards out there for general discussion.


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      I would love to see a special offer for DV Storm users to upgrade to a newer card minus Edius. As I would love to upgrade but have no need for a second copy of Edius.
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      Newblue TitleMotion Pro
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      MSI GS60, 4K UHD, Intel i7, 16Gb DDR3, Nvidia 970M 3Gb, Windows 10 64bit

      Panasonic HC-VX870 4K
      GoPro Hero4 Black
      Panasonic GX8 (Stills & Video)
      Garmin Virb 360


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        I think you're about 2-3 years late on that one
        edius pro 8.2, win10 pro x64, i7 5930K @ 4.4 on asus X99-A usb3.1, corsair h100i gtx with noctua fans, 32G gskill ddr4, gtx 980 4G, system 256G samsung ssd 950 pro M.2, swap 128G samsung ssd 850 pro, general use 512G samsung ssd 850 pro, video 4 @ 3T WD red pro in raid 5


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          And I think that'll be it for this thread - the original poster's issue is answered in our FAQ section.

          Any promotional requests are best raised with the local sales office, or your dealer