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  • Kodak Zi8 and Edius

    I happened to use the tiny Kodak Zi8 as a second camera in a piano recital shot. Zi8 produces video in MOV format (H.264), which can be opened by Edius but it is realllly slow on the timeline. Canopus AVCHD2HQ converter does not process these files. How can I convert a number of these MOV files to Canopus HQ, all of them in one shot? Thank you for any suggestions,

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    Put them on a timeline, and print to to file as canopus hq.
    It may take a while, and it might be worth trimming out anything you obviously don't need, but still worth doing for ease of cutting.
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      I would say your options are
      1) to capture ('GV' codec) transcoding on the fly if you have that sort of hardware. ie BOB or dedicated converter

      2) software transcoding ( to 'GV' codec) eg Procoder Express or Procoder
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        "With the recommendations they gave you, you arrived at something of good quality? unfortunately the quality is incomparable recordings of the Kodak Zi8 if the processes with the program provided by Kodak (ArkSoft MediaImpression for Kodak). Can it be that with Edius not reach that quality?Is it only codecs problem?


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          How can I convert a number of these MOV files to Canopus HQ
          I was going to respond to your post the other day but I had to leave to do a job, I've ghosted a review on a Zi8 a while back, all I did with the clips I took in 1080p was to drop them in the bin, select them all, and batch convert them to HQ, didn't use the AVCHD to HQ converter.
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            I just happened to have to convert the Kodak files today. All I did was to convert them from the Bin window by right clicking the file and select convert. You can do more than one at a time by selecting batch convert, however with these files, if I tried to select too many at once, Edius would lock up or close unexpectedly. But that may be only my system doing that. Try the convert from the Bin.
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              Zi8 files

              The quickest encoder I've found for the job is TMPG Express. You can use the Canopus HQ Codec and it seems faster than in Edius inhouse right click convert for some reason. Quality seems to be great when you compare the original with the result..and I'm encoding from 60fps to 25 too, cutting into JVC proHD footage. I've been around the houses on this one and that's the fastest route to get to work on these files I've come across yet.

              It's a shame that the Zi8 is tied up with the Arcsoft codecs as it makes work for us time-pressed professionals who won't even admit we're using such cams for specialist jobs lol. I've had mine up trees shooting birds on eggs, bats in lofts through holes with Paglights and lots All cut into to normal broadcast projects. I'll admit it lol..
              Anyone else using one?


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                If the Kodak produces H.264 (AVCHD) files, can you try EDIUS 5.5 and see if it is faster? I don't have the camera - so I can't test. Maybe if someone can upload a small sample for me to test - I can report if EDIUS 5.5 solves the slow response problem.
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                  edit zi8 in edius5 audio problems


                  when iam inport my kodac zi8 1080 footage, it is indeed quite slow on the timeline, but more important, there is no audio..

                  I open the project in edius 5 like this:

                  HD 50Hz- 1920x1080 25p

                  Does anybody know in what type of settings i should open a project, so i can edit my zi8 1080 video's?

                  Thank you very mutch!


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                    The bin conversion is the fastest way. You can
                    do batch convert as well.
                    It looks as if the OP is using a Core 2 quad
                    2.6 processor. This is underpowered for
                    the type of file that is being edited.
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