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MUlticam with timecode problem

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  • MUlticam with timecode problem

    Im using HMC 150 for my multicam setup and sync using timecode. Using Edius 5.12 software only, I want to drop multiple clips from previously coverted files using avchd2hq to the timeline set at multicam, sync by timecode but unfortunately those clips cant be placed in the timeline. It will just show me on x at the tip of my cursor that will indicate that its not possible to place the clps.

    If I have just 5 to 10 clips to be placed at the timeline, no problem but if I have lets say 300 clips on my camera A and 250 clips on my camera B usually camera A is around 2 hours and the same with camera B, the editor will not allow me to place all the clips sync using timecode.

    If the timeline is not set to multicam dropping a 600 clips is a no problem but in multicam, dropping even just a 100 clips is not possible.

    Why is this so?