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  • Figure this one out

    i have a short corporate project with multiple layers. one section has 3dpip pics coming and leaving over a digital juice background. when i took it to dvd. all was fine.
    i decided to make a small change and burn another copy.
    when i played thru the project before i burned it, one of the 3d pips, which were all jpegs, was black. you could see it in the bin window but when i brought that down it was black too.
    i even went into photoshop , renamed it and saved as jpeg and brought back into my bin. it was black!!
    i havent a clue on what is happening. i am not short on harddrive space and for the whole weekend leading up to the first burn i did, it was fine, but now it shows on the timeline as a black clip.
    any idea on this??

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    I always used to have this same random problem with premiere and jpeg's, so I stopped suing them ages ago and stick with mainly psd's, or maybe tiff, never happened again.

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      Not sure what happened to your original JPEGs, but make sure when you re-save, that you are saving an RGB JPEG, and not CMYK.