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Geting a disc image?

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  • Geting a disc image?

    I made a 1920x1080 50i project in Edius and went through the Burn to disc option.
    Wih the option "Export as a disc image" ON, I expected to get an .iso file. Just too bad! I got two directories: BD_temps and BDMV.

    Excuse for the approximative names of menus and options: I use the french version and tried to translate the best way I could.

    Has anyone an idea?


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    If you want a disc image as an .iso file, you can create that by using ImgBurn (is free), and create a BD disc image from the BDMV folder. See their website for help if needed.
    Edius Workgroup 8.53


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      Thanks so much; I am going to try this app. For DVD, I was doing the same with DVD Shrink from VIDEO folder produced by DVD Studio Pro.


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        I tried Imgburn, but I got the message: incompatible with iso8990. Probably due to the file size (a one hour video coded with Edius in 22.4 CBR bitrate. I tried UDF file and it worked, but the file is not read in my Dvico Tvix 5100 mediaplayer, which was the purpose of getting an iso file.

        Have you any idea?