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  • Support use remote captureing

    how can i remote capture from vtr deck Panasonic AJ D750,

    im useing NX board + exp bay with edius 4

    is that any 3rd party software that i need to install ?

    please help me ?


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    Go to Capture and make sure your input is correct and then hit Capture (F9). If you have selected to Confirm file name before capture you will get a box asking you where to save your file and the name. When that is filled in, capture will start.


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      The Pan. AJ-D750 is using RS422 with component or SDI (option) not DV/ilink/firewire. Therefore to be used with NX board + exp bay which won't have component and/or SDI input, you can only capture by manual.

      I think the Edius SP will have RS422 & component inputs.
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