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    I'm wondering if any of you guys are using the Sony FX7 in SD mode.
    Before you ask why I would do such a thing .... it's because I use cameras in a live setting hooked up to front of house projectors. This means SD 4X3.
    I also use Sony VX2100 but the FX7 has the 20X zoom lens which was my main reason for buying it.

    But I have noticed that the image in SD mode seems a bit softer the the VX. and certainly not as good in low light conditions. I realise that this is a HDV camera but I'd appreciate any comments or experiences in SD.

    I edit with Edius and both cameras are great. Maybe I'm more used to the VX2100 but except for the longer zoom on the FX7 I'd probably prefer the earlier model camera for SD work. I haven't had much success editing with HDV yet but I must admit I've hardly given it a go.


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    I would try recording in HDV and then capturing to Canopus' HQ codec for easier editing. Using these HD-HQ files in your SD project should yield you a better image than the 2100.

    Give it a shot.

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      You're really going to like the FX7 for more than the 20x lens. It's lightweight and has great images to boot.

      If there's an easy way to make your house 16x9 that would be the coolest! (anamorphic vx2100, 16x9 projectors) But the analog output from the FX7 should be switchable to suit your house setup.

      The FX7 footage looks great in Edius. (just keeping on forum topic)
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        Hi Richard,

        I use an Fx 7, (coming from VX 2000's), but you haven't said what you are shooting with it?

        For daylight shooting I find it sensational, but I do weddings and the reception end is very disappointing. If you have to use the long end of the zoom you are losing a LOT of light.

        (I usually downconvert to DV from the camera, same as you).

        However you can bring it back up in Edius, and you will find it very grain free!
        I've set up a white balance preset with more saturation and contrast on blacks and grays, and less contrast on the whites, which seems to make it quite acceptable.

        I have seen it discussed on another forum that the CMOS camera loses its sharpness as the light decreases, so you can compensate for that too if you have to.

        Cheers Vaughan
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          Thanks for the replies.
          Vaughan, I use the camera for all sorts of things, one of which is to film a weekly news segment for our church. I also do weddings and concerts and for these the VX2100 is fantastic.

          The FX7 is great but it seems noticably softer, almost out of focus at times.
          It doesn't compare to the VX in low light. The other day I shot some footage at dusk with not much sunlight and the result was pretty poor. The next week I shot some stuff with the VX2100 well after dark and the results were brilliant.

          But there are times when I need the 20x zoom.