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    I'm looking over the application settings on my laptop to make sure everything is correct. I am also reading the manual as I go along however I have a few questions (5.12).

    Under "Duration": Rubber band point (i'm not sure what this means)?

    Under "Source": What values should be used in this area (color range, normalize and partial download, etc)?

    Under "Playback": Background copy operation during playback?

    DMS Films, New York

    Laptop - Edius 7.42 / Intel Core i7 4960X Extreme Edition Desktop / 3.6GHz/4.0GHZ / 32GB Hyper-X Quad Channel 1600MHz Ram / Nvidia GeForce GTX-880 w/ 8GB of GDDR5 Video Memory / (3) 1TB SATA-3 V-NAND SSD / Windows 8.1 64-bit
    Desktop - Edius 5.5 / Intel i7 975 Quad Core 3.33GHz / 12GB DDR3 1333MHz / Nvidia GeForce GTX-275 / Vis Title 1.1 / FireCoder-Blu / (2) 27" LCDs / JVC DT-V24L1U (24" 1080p) / Windows Vista 64 -

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    David, Give me a call and I will go over some settings for you. Briefly for you questions
    1. Rubber band duration is the number of frames the two additional keyframes are set from the original two keyframes when You Hold the ALT key and adjust audio vol.

    2. Source Colors... In 99% of the cases you will leave this to default. It is for adjusting the color range when a clip is loaded. Partial download is for P2 and XDCam and it allows you to only download parts of the clip rather than the whole thing. You set in and out points and download only those sections.

    3. If you are downloading any type of growing clip (i.e. from a K2 setup or a very large P2 or XDCam) this controls the copy permissions if you are copying to Edius.

    In all of the above situations, I use the defaults except I check the Partial Downloads under Source. If you want a slower ramp down or up with the Rubberband Point, you can increase or decrease the frames.
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      Anton Strauss
      Antons Video Productions - Sydney

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