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  • Render time to hdmpeg2

    I shot awedding in HDV and multicam then edited down to 2hr 9m. Tried to make a single AVI track but dissolves don't work and too many to fix.

    Now rendering to HDMPEG2 using the Export function. Selected max default bit rate of 17MB/s and 2 pass VBR. Tells me that render will take 37 hours.

    System is Supermicro XAE with dual 2 core Xeon at 3GB/s, 3Gb (2.6Gb) memory, XP, Edius 5.12

    Hoping to export to either ULEAD Movie Factory or DVDitHDPro to make a BD disk for the client.

    Is this a reasonable render time with this setup? Have I got the settings right?

    I know that there have been a lot of posts and I have tried to read them all but I can't see a simple, definitive methodology to create a BD disk.

    Is it possible to create your own menus for the in-built "burn to disk" function in Export?


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    You are not using MPEG2 HD, you are using the Blu-ray preset or the AVC preset, that is why the default is 17MB/s, and long time to encoded, look for Elementary Stream (MPEG2 HD) and set the average bitrate to 22M and Max to 40M and audio to 384kb/s, it should take about 3hrs.-4 hrs. or so to render
    bTW if you can't render a single file AVI out and something is wrong with your dissolve then there might something else screw up with your system, project or probably newbee error. (-:
    I7-6900K, X99 Taichi, Geforce GTX 1070, Corsair RM850X, Corsair H100 IV2, Windows 10, Edius WG 9.30


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      I thank you

      I've restarted as suggested. Time for the elementary stream is now showing 5h30m which is quite acceptable.