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  • video muting

    when I video mute a video track ( to add markers playing in real time) I loose all the video renders of the ENTIRE this normal - a bug - or just me screwing up?

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    Track renders seem easily lost to me.
    I like "Render and Add to Timeline"
    They can be cut and re-used like any other clip.

    Others may have better remedies.
    But, to each his/her own.
    Rusty Rogers | Films
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      thanks rusty... I'm a little confused what render and add to timeline does. it seems to put the in-out render to a new video layer that does hold it's render.
      I guess that's the Deal? guess that does solve my problem - maybe someday I'll learn to edit right (after 35 years) by cutting the stuff - then add the stuff that needs rendering!