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Playback thru HDMI with SD timeline?

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  • Playback thru HDMI with SD timeline?

    I am running Edius 5.10 with HDstorm + breakout box.
    I have selected generic OHCI SD NTSC, 720x480 59.94i 4:3 48kHz 2ch for my project settings.
    Everything I have imported is standard 4X3 DV. Everything works fine with editing, exporting and so on.
    Right now I preview on playback videos thru my IEEE 1394 fire hooked to my tv monitor.
    Can I playback thru the HDMI or does that only work for a HD timeline setup?

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    Yes you can play out SD over HDMI as long as the hooked up lcd is capable of receiving SD over HDMI.
    If the hooked up LCD is not capable of receiving/ displaying SD over HDMI the Hdstorm won't output it because you would not see it anyways.

    (A search of the forum would have brought up the answer)
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      You can output SD through HDMI. Just change the project setting to SD output device and it should read fine.
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        Not if your LCD does not support sd over HDMI all you will see is nice black.
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          The simple answer is yes.....but not with the OHCI preset you have chosen, you will need to change the project to an HDStorm preset HQX-E1 SD, you can still capture in the HDStorm project via OHCI both SD & HD......having said that it also depends on your monitor and whether or not it can display the SD output or not. You can also use the bay to output component, Y/C or composite SD if needed.
          Finding a good monitor can be frustrating as what works with other sources in both SD & HD over HDMI only seem to work in HD with the GV cards....most folk are finding that HDTV's work best with the GV cards for both HD & SD.


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            Thank you everyone I will try more tweaking.
            The monitor I have is a Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP - 24".
            I got the HD timeline to work fine but the SD timeline as I mention above I'm haveing trouble viewing.


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              As suggested by Dave, you have to choose HQX-E1. You might also try 720x480 16x9.
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