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Question on quality on diff formats.

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  • Question on quality on diff formats.

    I have Proder 3.

    This may start off sounding off topic but it will tie back into PC3.

    The only formats I have ever dealt with or wanted was the DVD(Vob) as I thought the quality was the best and least lossy as it is mpeg 2.

    Now I am running into a lot of things in the avi/divx and the xvid mode(mpeg4?)

    First how does the quality of each of these compare to the original DVD?

    I am new to these other formats, I know I tried a divx clip on my computer and it played in a tiny screen so converting it to tv would really be horrible as not much data, and watching it on tv, would have to have a magnifying glass. So is there a difference between that type of avi/divx and the one people do movies from dvd's in?

    I see a lot of dvd's converted to xvid and avi, for space concerns I assume. So is there a loss of quality when they do that? and is it significant or not noticeable?

    And now the meat of this post. Is it worth, quality wise converting an Xvid or avi/divx to the dvd/VOb format? Is there any more loss of quality in doing that? and if so how much? I know I can use Procoder to convert but if something has been taken from original dvd to xvid or avi, and then back to dvd via PC, how much loss of quality? significant? And if I convert in PC at the highest possible bitrate, can I convert them without any loss of quality, just keep the quality they are at as xvic/avi? IF so what is the best way to do it?

    what bitrate/size of file of xvid/avi is the minimum you would even try to convert to dvd so it looks pretty close to the original dvd version? Another words, I am sure there is a level of bitrate or size that less than that point it is not worth converting.

    I know I can just burn xvid or avi to dvd and play on a compatible settop, but just don't understand the xvid and avi/divx as far as quality. If you take a 4.4 gig dvd and xvid it to a size way smaller you are compressing and losing a lot of data and the output has to look like crap right? Are xvid and avi mainly for computer viewing? I just want to know if and how to convert them for viewing on tv without any or very minimal quality loss.

    Hope this makes sense..thanks all..t