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  • Mono sound to stereo

    I have been trying to change a mono voice over from mono to Stereo, but I have failed miserable any help would be appreciated.

    Mark Taylor

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    Use the small A beside an audiotrack and select it to Mono-1. When you put in your Mono-Clip (VA) Audio is placed the selected track. When you start playback or export the audio is stereo-mixed-output.
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      The sound from the camera which is stereo plays in stereo but the voice over which was recorded using a mono mic is mono and i am trying to turn this mono into stereo.

      I will try the small A route.


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        A voice over can only be mono unless some method has been devised to give us two mouths! What you need to do is to place the mono within an acoustic environment using a reverberation plug in that allows you to have a mono in to stereo out eg Wave RVerb. Otherwise just route your mono v/o to both the left and right tracks and live without the environment.



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          right click clip, properties, audio tab, set mono1 or mono2 (depending on which channels holds the VO and then click OK

          done, now it is stereo
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            Thanks for the help, all sorted



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              Mono to Stereo

              To get a mono track to left & right speakers for one particular clip only, right click on audio clip, go to properties. On the pull down menu go to audio info, then chose the channel you want to duplicate. This will give you right and left outputs on that clip.



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                I frequently do the same thing that Ted recommends. I shoot dirt racing video. I use a remote wireless mic on the announcer and the on camera shotgun for the motor sound of the cars on the track. This puts the audio on two separate channels.

                After placing the video clip on the main video time line I right click the clip copy and paste it on the audio track just below it. Then I go back to the video clip hit alt enter, go to audio properties and click channel 2 mono. I do the same thing for the audio clip and click channel 1. After bringing up the wave form I can adjust the volume (mix) of each audio source. This gives me control over the audio in post. After the project is finished and before encoding with procoder I export a wave file and take it into Audition for normalization.

                Then I mute all the other audio and sync it up with the video. I know this is probably not the easy way to do it but it works for me.

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                Ronnie Martin
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                  psp audio vst plug in

                  a good plug in is psp audio software (its a vst) I asked the same question on the old forum and it very cheap and does a great job of making mono into stereo

                  the one you need is PSP StereoPack 1.8




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                    There are a number of ways you can handle this... The PanPot&Balance Audio Filter is one of them (you can raise/lower L/R and pan them L/R, also adjust overall balance) and is my preferred method for "fixed" (non-dynamic) changes to an audio clip.


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                      Thanks and Regards, Success.!