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How do you color correct / grade with your monitor

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  • How do you color correct / grade with your monitor

    I have read this thread about choosing a reference monitor several times. I've looked at some of the models that are being used and don't understand how you can accurately color grade or color correct with Spark or Storm. Some of the monitors don't have any adjustments to calibrate the image. I have a top-of-the-line Sony XBR8 in the studio to show demos to clients. It's technically a consumer lcd but has many "pro" adjustments. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to use it connected to a Storm system so I don't know how some are completing their productions with the monitors they're using. Granted, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist about how my final productions look. I'm sure others are as well. I'm trying to put together a new Storm plus system and the reference monitor decision is becoming the single most difficult decision. My plan is to use the hdmi out into whatever monitor I finally purchase. I want a native 1920 x 1080 model. For SD I still have my trusty Sony HR Trinitron PVM-14M4U. Ideas?
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    I you are a purist you can always go for:

    1 Sony BVM-L231
    (I know there is a component input board option not so sure if there is a HDMI one)
    Color Space and Gamma Selection
    Select Color Space and Gamma Emulation of BVM SMPTE C (color of BVM-A24 equipped with SMPTE-C phosphor CRT), BVM EBU (color of BVM-A24 equipped with EBU phosphor CRT), ITU-R BT.709 (ITU-R BT.709 three primary colors chromaticity point), D-Cine (portion of three primary colors chromaticity point provided by DCDM), and Wide (BVM-L230 individual three primary colors chromaticity point). Also supports Sony S-LOG Standard and S-LOG Full, and xvYCC.

    2 Astro systems
    Astro Systems DM-3024

    Ikegami HTM-1990-RRM

    But if you are budget conscious you can get an lcd tv with bluemode, and other needed adjustments and adjust it to colorbars. (or use a color setup device)

    Remember that HD signals are likely to be viewed on a LCD.

    For SD that is different.

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      The level of color grading that you are seeking is available. Though those type of displays go well beyond what most people here are using. As Steve mentioned, there are some great models from Ikegami and others. These are in the $5,000. and up price range for a 24", 1920x1080 true color grading monitor. Sony's is around $20K! Not one of these monitors has an HDMI input. HDMI is actually considered to be a consumer HD Audio Video interface. Every one of these type of displays has an HD-SDI interface.

      The GV hardware that supports HD-SDI is the HD-Thunder and the HDBX-1000.

      If you are planning on shooting with Sony EX1's at 35mb/sec, 1920x1080 and converting to HQ or editing the EX files natively then you would want to consider the HD Thunder in order to provide a SMPTE 292M specification reference output to a professional color grading HD video monitor. The HD Thunder also has an HDMI output as well. The HD-SDI input could accept your live feed from an EX1 or other HD camcorder and record directly to uncompressed HD Video or to the GV lossless or HQ codecs, bypassing the EX format and grabbing an uncompressed feed from the camera.

      While the HD Thunder does not include any analog I/O's of any sort, the HDBX-1000 is the top of the GV Edius hardware line up that does all HD and SD I/O formats. A bit expensive, but an awesome product!

      The HD Thunder adds about $1000. to a system over an HD Storm Plus.
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