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  • Bluetongue
    The Setting under settings I use are
    Quicktime Exporter
    Key Frames = AUTO, + Frame reorder
    Data Rate = Restrict to 5000, Optimized for Streaming
    Compressor = Encoding Best Quality (Multi pass)
    Size = HD 1280x720 16:9
    Sound I have left alone and
    Prepare for internet streaming set to "Fast Start"

    I have been using WMV using similar settings which gives a slightly smaller file but the Quality seems better this way, maybe?

    Hope this helps

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  • mediaworx
    Qicktime saves the day!

    Select Quicktime as the type, then on the list on the right choose "Quicktime exporter plugin", not the other QT presets.
    Next to the filename input box click on the "settings" button and select the appropiate settings you need, then save

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  • ajcvideo
    started a topic mp4 question

    mp4 question

    I have Edius 5.12 and did not see an mp4 setting in exporter. Can anyone tell me how to make an mp4 file and what is the difference from an mp2 file? I want to make an mp4 for Animoto or Youtube!