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  • Performance issue

    I try trial Edius 4.03 version from canopus website, over Windows Server 2003, under this system:
    Athlon XP 2000+, 512MB Ram, GeForce 7300GT 256MB, ATA100 Hard disks.

    I have a two problem when playback a output. When click on playback button, to the few seconds dialog pop-up show with "playback stop" message and stop the playback. However when I use J-K-L controls this don't success.

    The performance for playback is not good. I try to different sources of the clips; however all clips are imported from .avi and .mov encoded.

    I try with tow project settings: DVCPRO 720/29p and PAL 720/25i.
    Is relevant the settings of the project for the edit-work performance?

    My system is not the best option for video editing, but I use Avid Xpress, and its own system OMFi of uncompressed files, make my hardware valid for video editing, even with realtime effects.

    Edius system is directly working with the clip source?

    In this case, is necessary convert to uncompressed sources manually for obtain a good performance?



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    For standard definition video, you should be able to get better performance, but you have to take advantage of Edius's RAM buffer.

    One thing to SHIFT+SPACEBAR to start playback. That makes Edius load its buffer before beginning playback.

    If you still can't get playback without frame drop, try rendering your sequence by going to Render/Render Sequence/Render Overload (just the most complex parts) or Loaded (basically everywhere there is more than a single clip) Area, and Edius will render your timeline to a single file for playback.

    Finally, consider adding more RAM to your system. Edius will take advantage of more RAM by buffering more of your timeline when you do the SPACE+SPACEBAR technique.

    The three things that make the most difference for Edius are RAM, CPU power and disk access speed. Most people run a minimum of two SATA drives in RAID O configuration, but that is certainly not required, just optimal.
    Q6600 Quad-Core2 [email protected], Asus P5K-E Wifi MB, 2GB DDR2-800 RAM, BFG 7900GTX OC 512MB, Edius NX PCI-E, Edius 4.52, Adobe Production Premium CS3, Windows XP Pro SP2


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      Thank you for yor answer.

      Finally I can to do playback with correctly performance, making convert>file option at bin>clip, choosing Canopus HQ Online Quality, that I think generate an uncompressed video file. I see also "uncompressed RGB", but the other option is OK for playback performance.

      This is a manual convert file to file added to bin, but is a solution.

      My system have only good perfomance with video files on PAL format with DV enconding. Matrox DV-DVCAM-DVCPRO are good options for working with video on my PC.

      However, the uncompressed files working good in many cases, in spite of hard disks are ATA 100 under IDE UDMA66 disk controller.


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        HQ is not uncompressed it is a compressed format but it is native to the program.