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Export to DVD (4,7GB) with Edius 5.12

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  • Export to DVD (4,7GB) with Edius 5.12

    I want to export a video (duration 1 hour 57 minutes) to dvd with the "Export to DVD"-function. Before I have upgraded from Edius V5.1 to V5.12 I had the possibility to choose between DVD (4,7GB) and DVD-DL (8,5GB). Now I have only BD-R/RE (25GB), BD-R/RE DL (50GB) and BD-R/RE (7,5GB). How can I export my video with this function to a DVD (4,5GB)? Is this a bug or a feature?

    Please help me!

    Best regards
    Georg Kürzl

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    its part of GV's test - u must select DVD or BluRay from the SECOND tab!

    simply select the dvd option


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      Thanks! That's it ...
      Thanks also to Grass Valley for this intuitive behaviour.


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        u must select DVD or BluRay from the SECOND tab!
        Warning ==> this is only correct, if you burn from the "DVD-Creatur" direct to disk, who you have included all four tabs.

        If you on tab four (= Write) selected "Exported as a Disk-Image File" and create this Disk-Image File (i.e. to check your work before burn)
        and burn it to later time (behind your checking) with the tool "Disk Burner"
        aviable over Bin ==> Tools

        the "Disk Burner Tool" consists of only one tab = the last "Write" tab from the "DVD-Creatur"
        default stand it (most) time on BD, and GV have forgotten, the >select DVD or BluRay < from the second DVD-Creatur tab
        to duplikate on the (one and only) "Write tab" from the "Disk Burner"

        curios ==> the "Disk Burner Tool" is not available in the 5.1 User Guide, no one word about it.....
        by >try and error< on account of find a solution to a user-question in a german forum, I found the hidden "key"

        If you move the "Image Folder" to a false Foldertype ==> pop up the little warning-window ==> with the keywords "Please select a folder that ........"
        look at the screenshot

        If you have the nerve, on a Tool who stand on left top with big letters ==> BD Output
        If you have the nerve, on a Tool who stand on"Media" ==> BD-R / RE (25GB)
        move to a DVD -Folder ....yupp ==> the Disk Burner setings jump automatically to DVD

        I say no words about "intuitive" .... :-))

        Please, excuse the miserable english, but the technical part from this "gibberish" posting is absolutely true.

        friendly greetings from .....CentralEurope
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