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  • multicam question

    I am VERY new to the 5.12 multicam feature. I have read most of the issues here but honestly I'm still lost - please be kind to me!

    I started using this feature in the current project I'm working on. I used 2 cameras, thought HEY lets try it and it worked lovely! (one cam on main line 1 (VA track) and cam 2 on 2nd track (V only)).

    When I added a few more video tracks in, the multicam went nuts. I had blank screens. I played around and thought maybe one has to be a VA and one a V - and IT WORKED. I have line 2 a VA and line 3 a V and it's fine.

    question - WHY????
    any thoughts? I mean, this is kinda annoying if I had more than one track with audio. Is this one of the bugs?

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    It should be no problem using V tracks only. As a workflow, I would copy the audio that you want ot use into A tracks and not have any attached to the video on top. That way you can cut video without cutting the audio (unless of course for some reason you want to do that). What wxactly is your procedure?


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      What you're experiencing is not a bug at all...
      Adding tracks below will move the Multicam up.
      Enabling more monitors in the Preview window will reveal the lost tracks.
      The track assignments are noted in the preview windows.
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        Check in the left hand side of the tracks and notice that there is a small C and number for what camera each track is. You can always close the multicam (F8) and then reopen it. Also you can change the number on monitors in the Mode section.