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Muticam markers don't snap to CTI

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  • Muticam markers don't snap to CTI

    Sorry about all the "complaining" lately, but since I'm new to Edius 5, I'm bringing to your attention things that I think are wrong... at least from my point of view.

    In Edius 4.6, when snap mode is on, EVERYTHING snaps to almost everything as long as the SHFT key is not pressed. Timeline and muticam cut markers will snap to other cuts, in\out points and CTI. This is how it should be.

    In Edius 5, I noticed in muticam editing, when I tried to refine a cut by moving my CTI to where I wanted a camera change and then moving the cut marker (blue marker) to it... it wouldn't snap. I had to hold the SHFT key to make it snap.

    This is very bad for in muticam editing, having to press another key while refining cuts takes up a lot of time overall.

    Please refer to this issue.

    Thank you
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