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Hi Def Trouble - image losing color help

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  • Hi Def Trouble - image losing color help

    ok so when I hook up my camera to the computer to capture HDV the lcd screen on the camera is showing amazing vibrant colors.. whilst the capture screen in Edius is showing dull limp colours.

    I don't believe either device is faulty.. i believe something is going wronmg in the capture process

    can anybody help"?

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    How are you hooking it up and what are you using to capture?


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      Sony HDR FX1 Video camera connected via Firewire cable.
      I was unaware there was any way to capture besides a firewire cable.

      I am using Edius to capture. as its the only HDV program I have - so not sure what your question means... the color is terrible


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        If it is the color in your preview window of Edius that you are reffering to, then do not be concerned. It is the reference monitor output that you need to see. Your camcorder may be set very bright and your computer display may be set to one of the presets or in lower brightness and contrast. Calibrate the two devices and see if that helps. But it is the output to an HD-TV that will really represent what you are delivering.
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          Kind of strange that you are judging the overlay to know what the colors are.
          Are both your camcorder LCD and the computer screen calibrated with a color bar?

          It could be that your LCD is showing over saturated images. (if not properly calibrated).

          I have never got wrong colors by capturing with EDIUS. I can not remember any one who has....No that is not true I remember someone who had their component cables hooked up wrong. But then again that was not the fault of EDIUS.
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