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Edius 5 Realtime problem

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  • Edius 5 Realtime problem

    I was user of DV Storm 2 with Edius 4.0. Recently I upgraded my system with HD Storm Plus and Edius 5, but Edius 5 can play less video and title tracks in realtime than Edius 4! In Edius 4 I played in realtime 3 video tracks, 2 title tracks with Photoshop images, and 5 title tracks created in TMP. Edius 5 can play only 2 video tracks and 3 title tracks on same machine!? Project is DV, footage is DV! Is there someone who had similar problem? Computer spec: processor: Intel 6700, 4 GB DDR3 ram, HD Storm, storage: promise raid with 5 sata HD, OS: Windows XP SP3

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    No doubt Edius 5 has lost some performance as it has added other features. They are trying to find that nice balance of speed and functions. Why do you put the Photoshop images in Title tracks?


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      How big is the photoshop file on the title track ?
      My system is less power than yours and I can run 4 video tracks (3 with 3DPIP) + 2 title tracks + 2 audio tracks => all in real time (for DV).

      Do you have the audio mixer on ? It should be off !
      Asus X99-A/USB3.1 - Samsung EVO870 1TB - Win10Pro - Edius 7.53