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  • GrassValley_MD
    To just add a little to the very good post above...

    You have three tabs in the region filter options window

    1. Inside - THis is where you can appl an effect to the inside of the filter
    2. Outside - If you want to add an effect to the area of the clip outside of the region you created this is where to do it.
    3. Moving path - This is where you can move the region with the clip to follow a certain area of the shot.


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  • Mr Bill
    It depends what you want to do.

    But here is a basic example:

    Lets say you want to make a certain area Black/White.
    Highlight the area then select 'Inside' for the area inside the region and click on 'Filter' and chose what you want.
    You can add a soft edge to make it blend
    You can change the outside of the region and/or the inside,
    it can move over time around the clip.... etc

    There is so much you can do with the 'Region' filter.


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  • peterC
    What is it you want to do? Please explain a little more.

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  • montage
    Guest started a topic Region effect

    Region effect

    If I want to add same effect to a region, how can I do?