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Storm 2Pro trouble

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  • Storm 2Pro trouble

    At the moment the Storm card does not switch anything to the output terminals from the timeline. It does give me an output from DV or S in.
    This goes for both vision and sound.
    My computer decided today to change a few other settings on its own accord which I fixed but this one got me stumped. I use Edius 3Pro
    Any ideas on what went wrong.


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    Hi Albert, not sure what went wrong, but last time my DVStorm stopped working properly something must have gone wrong with the drivers. I reinstalled them from the Edius installation disk and everything was back to normal. Have you tried this?


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      Storm trouble.

      Hi Sascho
      All I did was a repair install and this made no difference. The card just refuses to switch between record where it hangs, and play.


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        How long has the Storm been in the system? Can you remove the card, use a soft cloth (make sure it leaves no residue) and wipe the PCI pins, then take a dust blower and blow the PCI slot.

        Also one more thing, try disconnecting all firewire ports from the Storm card, there might be a firewire port giving your Storm a freeze, this happened to me recently.


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          Storm trouble

          I had taken the card out disconnected everything, cleaned and reassembled. Made no difference.


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            Do you have a spare drive to install XP Pro (Fresh copy) again? I know you don't want to do it and it seems like a waste of time, but if you can, it's worth a try before coming to the conclusion that the Storm card is faulty.

            Also can you try a different slot before you do the above?