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    I have a project on an external hard drive that someone needed to dump video into to get it off their P2 card. When I opened the project the next day, the project (ezp?) was gone so I opened a back up project. The first 5 shots were missing in the bin. I noticed that when the person put video into the project, they just dragged the content file and last clip file into my project folder from their P2 card. I can not restore these video clips at all. P2 select just shows me black thumbnails with a red x in the corner. I took out the folder the other person put in the project and it still didn't work. I can find the clips using the restore to file function when the project opens but it will not restore. Any suggestions?

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    Did they copy the whole content folder (you only mention a content file)? If the content folder as well as the last clip file is unchanged and available then I suggest that you rebuild the original P2 folder. Afterwards you should be able to use the P2 select.


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      The LASTCLIP.TXT file isn't used by Edius when ingesting P2 material, and most other P2-supporting NLEs don't need it either. It is really only there to allow the camera to span clips and continue recording onto the same card.

      I have (as an experiment) deleted the file and successfully ingested the P2 card contents into Edius V4.x -- I have not repeated the experiment with V5.x, but I can't imagine that anything changed in this area.

      My advice to the original poster would be to try Panasonic's P2 Viewer or P2 Content Management System. Set up a Virtual P2 card for the folder containing the CONTENTS folder (not the CONTENTS folder itself), then try to view the clips. If P2 Viewer or CMS don't like the clips, then you may need to find a Mac user who has P2 Log Pro from Imagine Products and see if it can repair the files.


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        He dubbed the whole content folder and last clip file into my project. The used a laptop to access my hard drive.


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          Can you try to copy the P2 contents back to a REAL P2 media - and put into a real Panasonic camera to test if the clips are okay?
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