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How To Make Audio start Fade in and Out ?

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  • How To Make Audio start Fade in and Out ?

    in windows movie maker you you select the audio and just click "fade in" or "fade out" so volume get louder louder from nothing in 2-3 seconds. How do you do that in edius ? thanks

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    you can:
    1 use the fade buttons on to the timeline
    2 you can add a node to the red volume line and make the fade
    3 you can use the audio mixer
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      Note that the fade in and fade out buttons are not on the timeline by default. You have to add them by going to Settings>Application Settings>Customize and then choose Timeline.


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        thank you very much you are great


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          You can also go to the first frame of the audio, select the audio clip or track and press SHFT-V. For fade out you go to the end of the clip, move one frame to the left and click SHFT-V.

          The length of the fade will be the length you have set for durations.
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