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  • Transition problem

    I have a project that I have migrated over several years from early Edius 3 to 5.11. The project is pretty big and detailed.

    I have noticed a problem after bringing it into Edius 5.11. I have several full screen chats that come up during the video presentation. I have "set those off" by doing the old "flip over" transition going in and out of each chart. The transition is a 1 second transition. In previous versions I have been able to use the flip on multiple layers (so that any alpha channel layer) would flip perfectly in sync. so I lined up two clips over the main track and flipped them together to the main track.

    However, now in version 5 -5.11 all my "flip over" transitions don't flip in sync. I have made sure all the clips line up with the flip-over transition laid over both clips perfectly down to the frame yet as the transition finished the flip the layers are out-of-sync. I have tried to make adjustments but no matter what I do it stays out of wack.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    If I was a betting man I would say that when the good folks at GV rebuilt this new version of Edius (and the transitions) they built the transitions differently so they no longer work the same way.

    Anyway, this isn't a deal-breaker -it just means a lot of work to go through and adjust all of these transitions... unless one of you smart guys no a work-around...

    Mat Cain

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    There have been changes in different areas trying to add features or fix problems, but no rebuild as I think you are talking about. What exact transition are you using? Are you using single track or AB editing?


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      I have a multiple tracks using the flip over transition. I have the main video on track one. I want to transition to and from a multi-part chart (track 2 and 3). So I have two clips (track 2 and 3) on top of the main clip. Both of the 2 chart clips match and end together. Both have the flip over transition. So both of the clips should turn together to go to and from the main video track on track 1.

      In Edius 4 the flip over would flip both clips (track 2 and 3) together to reveal the main track below. Now with Edius 5 they don't flip in sync with one another.

      I was under the impression that GV "re-did" the transitions on V-5 but perhaps that was only the new transitions that have been added with the new version. I could be wrong - it happens regularly (my wife says more than regularly...). Anyway, something isn't working as it use to because I have 3 different machines running E5.11 and they all fail to maintain sync in the flip over transition.

      I know this sounds dumb to complain about but it will require a fair amount of work for me to comb through my project and fix all of it...

      Any more thoughts?


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        So you are showing parts of track 2 and 3 together and you want to transition both at once to the main track?

        I have never really used this transition, but if it is what I think it is, you are running into an alpha problem with light and shadow. Turn both of these off on both of the tracks (I assume you have the same transition and same length on both clips?) and see if that is what you are looking for?

        I do agree there has been an alpha problem that cropped up with 5.xx with a cropped clip and then trying to see a backgroound underneath in certain situations. I think this is somewhat the same situation with the flip transition. Or the same as the 3DPIP light and shadow problem but that has been there for a while.