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PCI bus busy - IRQ assignment

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  • PCI bus busy - IRQ assignment

    After changing some card positions I'm constantly getting the PCI bus busy message. Reading on the forum learns me this probably has to do with the IRQ assignment and sharing the bus. I've attached the IRQ assignment page of my Asus manual of my P5Q pro mobo and have a question about these shared parts. The manual is not completely clear about these things and I'm not a full computer expert.

    If in a column just one bus is assigned as being shared (eg column B, PCI slot 2) will this mean it isn't shared with other busses? Or with what else could it be shared than those assigned here?

    Both PCIe x16 and PCI 1 and PCIe x1 1 are shared, what cards are compatible to put in these slots? Can my graphics card (GF 9600GT) and both edius NX express card work well in these slots?

    And where should I place my firewire card the best? And raid and eSata (planned to buy in future)
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    Repositioning plugin cards after the O.S. has been installed is a very bad idea.
    Assuming that you have installed with "plug and play OS" disabled ((Bios)as you should) you are now creating problems.

    O.K. 2 choices (actually 3)
    1) place the cards back in the original position (use system restore if you enabled this it), but assuming you have moved the cards for a reason, this option should be a no (me thinks)
    2) Change bios settings to "plug and play O.S." to yes, boot up several times, try and see if windows will re-assign the IRQ'a etc to the devices on different slots, it is a long shot but it could work, then disable (Bios) after a working setup has been achieved.
    3) Leave the plugin cards as you want them to be, and then perform the format c ritual

    Have fun .................


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      I think you may have to go into the BIOS and change the PCI latency time from 64 to 128. What ever it is set at try the next higher value. Most device now days can share IRQs. ISA devices could not. It will not hurt to put them on seperate IRQs in the BIOS.