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Edius + DVStorm2 Pro + NX PCI-e in the same system

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  • Aristotelis
    have you tried a different vga?
    I have never used these expensive quadro boards for my nle systems since I can't see any advantages....
    I don't believe that this is a motherboard issue since i have tested it with NX, DVX, DVStorm, DVRaptor boards and I had no problems....

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  • gdame
    P5W DH Deluxe, Quadro FX 1500 & RexRT Pro

    Hi Aristotelis, I noticed that you where running the same ASUS mainboard as I am. You are also running the Storm board which I believe is utilizing the same overlay as the RexRT Pro which also has the hardware MPEG2 encoding module. It also has a great 19" breakout box. I only need standard definition video, so the RexRT would be great. My problem is with overlay. The preview window will not show moving video while in RexRT output mode. If I switch the project to OHCI mode it is fine. I am running the Quadro FX1500 with the latest Forceware 1.62 drivers. System is awesome otherwise.

    Any input on achieving overlay while in RexRT output mode would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Aristotelis
    Just an update

    I'm still using the above system without problems,
    I updated to Edius 4.52 and I found out that when the dvstorm board is enabled the video overlay settings are locked to directdraw for both cards (Nx and storm)
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  • Aristotelis
    a quick update

    I worked with two small projects simultaneusly (one in Storm Edit and another in Edius (NX output selected)...not a single problem. I have overlay and output from both applications
    no 'Hardware error' messages...

    While editing in StormEdit I changed the output devise in Edius to DVStorm-RT....switching from StormEdit to Edius and vice versa I had the output change instantly
    No errors...

    Finally I exported both projects simultaneously using procoder express in software mode and dvstorm hardware encoder...
    everything was ok...

    I will do a heavy test as soon as I find some time and I will let you know...

    P.S. Dvstorm uses a unique IRQ in the system...
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    I have a better solution, just remove the Storm2 and buy Scenalyzer Live because it captures to Canopus DV files and you will forget about Storm Video apps after a while :)

    Cool experiment though!

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  • ChrisFar
    That is very interesting. PLease keep us updated regarding performance.
    Thanks Chris

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  • GrassValley_KH
    I'd be interested to know if you encounter any "Hardware Error" or other playback related dialog windows..

    While it should work (since they all have their own little driver set), I can't help but think that they will, combined, tax the PCI bus pretty hard. Not "Creative Labs" hard, but still enough to yield the odd message during playback.

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  • Edius + DVStorm2 Pro + NX PCI-e in the same system

    Just a test I made...

    I installed under the same system a DVStorm 2 Pro board, an NX PCI-e board, the PCI HD expansion kit and a Firecoder board...

    Everything works perfect. I can have Edius + all DVStorm applications (StormEdit, StormVideo, MediaCruise etc...)

    No conflicts at all...

    system specs
    Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    2Gb DDR2 800
    Core 2 Duo 6600
    ATI X1950
    1 HD 10.000 rpm for system
    4 HDs 7200 rpm 200GB in RAID5
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