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    Hi, I've got a little problem. I'm trying to edit Baywatch theme video. One of the scene there is D. Hasselhoff, how he is standing on the beach and the camera is "going" from his legs on his head. ... And I want to "change" his head and give there my picture (my head).
    I changed my photo and cut it, then i got it to the video, used Picture in Picture 3D and I set the positon of picture frame by frame (my picture is still "on the head of Hasselhoff"). But it isn't so good look as i wish. I think it would be better, then "my" picture will be on the background and the David Hasselhoff (and the hole for head) in front of. But i don't know how to do it. I try it, but there were still the coloured lane (if i try to did the "Chromakey hole" on the Hasellhoff head).
    So I want to ask you, how can i do it. How can i changed the head of David!
    Thank you very much and excuse my english, it isn't my mother language.

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    try this
    Paranova Films
    Cali - Colombia

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      Might pay to warn that the content of the link is somewhat (fictionally) graphic.


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        i saw the "assisted suicide" in the link and figured it had something to do with having to make videos about david hasselhoff o_O


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          And is there any not so dificult option to do it? ... It can't be so perfect!
          I know AAE, but I don't have it, i don't want to pay for it and I don't want to download it from warez page :) ... So, any option?! :)


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            There's a saying... choose the right tool for the job.

            What you want to do is very difficult to do well in EDIUS. EDIUS is not designed with that type of work in mind.

            You need advanced motion tracking plus chroma key. EDIUS has the chroma key, but not the advanced motion tracking.

            While it may be possible to achieve the result you want using EDIUS, it will take a lot of time and effort. A tool more oriented toward that goal will save you lots of time and frustration.

            The real question is how much is your time (and sanity) worth?


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              Originally posted by GrassValley_BH

              The real question is how much is your time (and sanity) worth?
              Priceless :)
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                For everything else there's Mastercard ;-)
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