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  • AVCHD and Timecode

    A client filmed some footage with his JVC Everio Hard Drive AVCHD. I copied the mts files to a folder and then ran them through AVCHD2HQ util. What I have noticed is that there is no source timecode apart from each clip starting with 00.00
    1. I suspect this is due to the camera but should there be any "sequential timecode" as you would get from tape. Anyone have a JVC AVCHD?
    2. Does anyone know whether any other app would have read any more info.
    3. Had this been shot on a different AVCHD camcorder, would that have generated "sequential timecode".


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    It dawned on me yesterday that it must be the AVCDtoHQ that produces new AVIs with TC starting from zero each time. In the meantime I have been warned of another job coming in on AVCHD. Are the no AVCHD users that understand Timecode and can answer my original questions.


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      You are correct - by generating HQ avi's you are making new files however the metadata is preserved within the clip but Edius can't 'see' it (or doesn't want to display it)!
      I think the best you will do is make sure you check 'Show source information' in normal edit overlay and then select 'Recording date' in the dropdown box of source information to show. This will actually give you both time and date of recording.

      Hope that helps

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        Thank you for the confirmation. At least I am not missing the obvious.