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  • Project Setting question

    I am shooting 720 p at 24fps and wondered when setting up a project do I use
    Output Deviice: Generic OHCI HD 60hz
    Output Format DVCPro HD 720/29.97 over 59.94p

    I am not sure what the difference is between the Output format DVCPro HD 720/59.94p and DVCPro HD 720/29.97 over 59.94p

    I will initially output to DVD and in a few weeks output to BluRay.


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    Can anyone help with this. thanks


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      Typically, you edit for the ultimate target format. That is to say, if your project will be played out on DVD, you edit your project with the preset that matches the specifications of the DVD output. This will mean that any footage that isn't already matching that preset, will have it's frame rate/frame size automatically intrepreted to match the target frame rate and size. (720/24p -> 480/59.94i)

      Alternatively, you can edit according the the source material, and then export the target to a different format (incl. frame rate/frame size) using ProCoder.

      As for the differences: