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  • Video Overlay problem

    I'm using 4.24.
    I'm getting a very poor resolution on my recorder & preview overlays. At first I was sure this was an interpolated/field overlay display issue or graphic driver problem. I've searched Edius for a place where I can choose either fields or interpolated frames in video overlay but can't find any. I've tried all the video overlay settings in Edius (and I did restart it), but the video overlay remains the same - Blurred and hazey. This happens in both SD & HD projects.

    I'm using an NX card and Edius 4.24, the graphic cards I've tried are X800 256MB, and an Nvidia FX3500 with 256MB now using the latest drivers for both (as using older versions didn't help). Graphic cards run at 1024x768 32bits 75Hz.

    The files show full resolution in other players like MMP or quicktime, only in Edius do they look like poo. Strangely enough Edius can show full resolution if it is not the application in focus. My overlay windows look right if I click on the taskbar or similar, if I return to Edius the interpolation haze returns.

    Does anybody have better video overlay than the attached file, or know of a solution?

    If so, info about software versions, graphic drivers would be great.

    By the way - my video overlays look like the image to the right in the file!

    BTW - Tweaking the driver antialiasing for video does have a small effect and the image is sharper, but still not as sharp as it should be.
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    take a look at this for some previous discussion on this topic:
    edius pro 8.2, win10 pro x64, i7 5930K @ 4.4 on asus X99-A usb3.1, corsair h100i gtx with noctua fans, 32G gskill ddr4, gtx 980 4G, system 256G samsung ssd 950 pro M.2, swap 128G samsung ssd 850 pro, general use 512G samsung ssd 850 pro, video 4 @ 3T WD red pro in raid 5


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      Thanx T-Bone.

      I pretty sure it's Edius software and not Graphic drivers, monitors or graphic cards that this is about. A machine with Premiere or Liquid on the same hardware does not show these problems.


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        There are a number of different ways that EDIUS can display overlay. Try the different ones.