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  • Discreet Audio Output question

    A Cable company wants a discreet audio master of my documentary. They like discreet so they can cut promos.
    Ch 1. Narration/interviews
    Ch 2. Sound FXs
    Ch 3. Music Left
    Ch 4. Music Right

    I was going to send them a tape with a full stereo mix of the show for air. Then send the tracks individually as Wave files for them to sync up in their Avid.

    Any other ideas?

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    i remember the time when we were mastering only in Betacam (not dvd no digital media) and one option to get this (for future translations or re-mixing) was to put on the tape as your client asks for it:

    1 cut voiceover
    2 cut music (stereo in our case)
    3 fx
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      Edius can do that for file output and HD formats which support 4 or more channels
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