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Archival DV to HD to P2 card

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  • Archival DV to HD to P2 card

    I have been experimenting with using Edius Broadcast to convert DV.avi files captured in the past using Sony Vegas, to 720 HD, then loading them back onto a P2 card. Many methods work poorly, but a way that works very well is to set the Edius project screen to : OUTPUT DEVICE : Generic OHCI HD 60 Hz, OUTPUT : DVCPRO HD 720/29.97p over 59.94. Move your DV to the timeline, edit it, then with the P2 camera connected by USB, EXPORT : Print to file, choose the camera P2 card, RENDERING FORMAT : DVCPRO HD AVI. The file will be written in the native mode, 760 30 PN, and to play it back from the camera you must set the camera to 760 30 PN recording. I don't know why it prints in 30 PN format, but it allows twice as much recording time on the P2 card, so I won't complain. Important note - this works well only for DV originally recorded in "Frame" or "Progressive" modes. Interlaced DV comes out looking terrible. So my questions are : 1) Why does this method print as 760 30 PN rather the 30p over 720 60p, 2) Does Edius have an deinterlacer built in somewhere, 3) If no deinterlacer, can you recommend an outside deinterlacer so that I can use this technique on 60i DV files ?