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DV to Hard Drive and Embedded Metadata

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  • DV to Hard Drive and Embedded Metadata

    I just started to load all my old DV and HDV tapes to Hard Disk. To keep the number of files down I deselected "new files for new scenes".
    But now I can not see the real date and time of the scene, only the first scene start date and time. Even if I cut the scene on the timeline and look into properties it is the file start that is showed.
    Sony (and I guess all others) have included date and time and also Iris Shutter and other stuff. All this "metadata" is available in the camera or deck but how about the Edius? Are all this data stripped from the DV file. Or is it not even transported over the firewire?
    Or is there some other hint I have missed?
    BG Bengtsson

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    EDIUS 4 and newer (don't remember about 3) can display the Date/Time or Timecode information from the DV stream on the overlay - there's an option in the Application settings.


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      Thanks Brandon! That was easy! But the other metadata is gone? (shutter iris and other)


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        No idea on other stuff - haven't seen any of that in the DV world. In P2/Infinity/XDCAM, the additional metadata is shown in the clip properties' Expansion Info tab.


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          I don't think any of that carries over with our DV.