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Dongle question computer specific?

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  • pjsssss
    They are not computer specific. Any combination will work. I would use the dongle during installation so the HASP driver/USB slot is installed correctly. I don't think you really have to, jus personal preference. Just unplug one of your other dongles and use it on the laptop for installation and then whenever you need to use it.

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  • RonnieMartin
    started a topic Dongle question computer specific?

    Dongle question computer specific?

    I have two machines that are upgraded to latest version of 5.X. They each have their own dongle. (I bought two upgrades) Now I want to install the latest version of 5.x on my laptop. Are the dongles computer specific? What I am asking does it matter if I move the dongle from one computer to another? Must I use the dongle that I used during installation of 5.0?


    Ronnie Martin
    Kato Video Productions