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Region filter jumpiness

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  • Region filter jumpiness

    I have a keyframed region filter in an Edius 5 project that follows a face in a still image and changes position and size over time as I use the layout tool to "Ken Burns" the still.

    The movement is jerky and not smooth at all. I have used this technique in the far past, but I don't remember having the path and size changes looking this ragged.

    Is this a "me" thing, or has anyone else seen this? What I'm doing is applying the region filter to the clip. With the layout tool, I'm doing a slow zoom into the face, and the region filter follws the zoom. In the area outside the region, I'm using a color corrector to make that area monochrome with diminished contrast so the face stands out. The layout zoom is quite smooth and nice. The region kind of jerks along as I play back the timeline. I've tried rendering the clip with the same result.

    This is in an SD DV project.


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    Only thing I can think of is somehow the Layout and Region coordinates are interacting in some funky way.

    Can you try a test clip with Layout just zooming on a corner, and Region moving perpendicular?