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    Originally posted by JackB View Post
    Is there something wrong with the question? Why won't a GV person answer it?
    Because it's correct? Imaginate development has ceased.


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      Originally posted by GrassValley_MD View Post
      Imaginate (Another Grass Valley product) was created just for this and it allows you to move the pictures in 3D space. It is very easy to use, VERY powerful, and plugs in to Edius. You might want to check it out :)
      Thank you for the clarification. The quoted post led me to believe that Imaginate was still a Grass Valley product, and it does appear that it is being sold.


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        If GV has ceased development of Imaginate then is a new product being released that does the same thing? Can you still buy this product?


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          You can still buy Imaginate, though there are no updates on the plan.


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            As much as I hate to say this the best solution for Zooming and manipulating graphics is "Ulead Media Studio Pro" I still use version 7 and it's handling of graphics is tremendous.
            I was extremely disappointed with EDIUS handling of graphics and when you want to use them other than static they go all fuzzy.
            By chance or design Canopus HQ plugs into Media studio pro and allows pin sharp graphics to be manipulated especially Zoom without any artifacts or horizontal lines, its a pity for those who do not have a copy as the price is prohibitive around the same as EDIUS and in HI definition the program is completely unstable once more than 10 clips have been been added to the timeline but having come from there to EDIUS it was a pleasure to find some use for wasted money
            Regards Barry
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              I still use Imaginate and had a question last week about a function in the program and found that there was no where to post it.

              I also wish this program had some tweeks and updates like the ability to change the time frames of all the pictures before rendering the file.

              I render the file then take it into edius with or with out audio. If it is with audio I simply mute it and then add my music in Edius. This way I have more control over the audio.

              Ronnie Martin
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