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VMWare Fusion Problem

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  • VMWare Fusion Problem

    I'm running the new Macbook Pro 2.8ghz, 4.0g ram and I'm not able to get Edius working right. Whenever I click play in either the preview window or on the timeline the cursor jumps to the end, plays about 1 second of audio (without displaying any video) and stops.

    I'm running windows through VMWare Fusion and the video I'm trying to view is on an external hard drive. If I boot straight to windows Edius runs fine, but I cannot access my hard drive since it's formatted to my mac. I guess that means something's wrong with Fusion?

    Any ideas?
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    EDIUS can't read off HFS drives, as far as I know. (users of Parallel/Mac Drive have also reported this)


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        An alternative to the aforementioned MacDrive is Paragon's NTFS OSX driver which enables you to read and write to NTFS drives from OSX (and the latest version comes with a HFS reader for bootcamp.) Some rumours are suggesting that Snow Leopard is bringing HFS read and write support for bootcamp!
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          Snow Leopard (Few months away) is going to have native NTFS read/write. I hope Windows 7 follows suit witH HFS+ support.


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            Alternatively, you can look at MacDrive, a commercial package to install under Windows a device driver that allows Windows to access HFS and HFS+ partitions.
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              Except that, as reported in my first reply, EDIUS doesn't play nice with HFS at all. :)