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AVCHD HD on standard DVDs

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  • AVCHD HD on standard DVDs

    Can E5.1 burn a HD timeline onto a standard DVD either using Mpeg2 HD or AVCHD to be played in a consumer blu ray player?

    I dont mean to make an SD DVD from HD project I mean to make a HD playable DVD in a blu ray player

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    Outside of specialised media players (KISS, Ziova) or possibly a PS3, I don't know that standard consumer BD players support this..


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      Early players didn't but most new players now do. Latest PS3's do too.

      Corel DVD MF and Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.0 supports writing these discs.


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        I tried to find a way to do this and failed - there is a thread in the FirecoderBlu forum. All I could get onto DVD out of Edius is SD output.

        The software that came with my camera (Panasonic HDC-SD100) called HDWriter claims to be able to copy AVCHD, without changing format, onto an SD card or DVD. I have not done this yet. My only attempt to burn to dvd failed because HDWriter did not recognise the files even though I had captured them to my hard drive using HDWriter.

        I will try again, but first I think I need to reinstall the HDWriter software and recapture my AVCHD clips.
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          ive done this HD-DVD burning loads of times with the above mentioned s/w - u need to keep bit rates about 19mbs then you can get about 20mins of HD video onto a DVD.

          Shame Edius cant do this - would have been another USP