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  • Izotope

    Hi guys, dont know if anyone had this problem, but Izotope causes 'undo' not to work in 5.11....just found that out.....I used the update, and Undo stopped working....uninstalled it, deleted the dummy filters it left on the timeline, and ..pressto...I have everything working as it should...just in case anyone didn't noticed

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    ME TO

    YUP not only that when you use izotopes too much it freezes my project. I like the mastering limiter and audio restore but it really causes a problem in my project. I have a 7 Min wedding highlites and still not yet finish cause audio is corrected using izotopes
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      Izotope is actually really cool stuff, I use Ozone, the bigger brother.
      I really hope (one day) that Edius will play nice with VST's, it has always been the weakest link............


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        Yup, VSTs have always been a problem with Edius, or Edius with VSTs.....and actually, 'Audio Restore is so cool, but...better left where it is for now......gotta use old faithful long method....export audio into sondfordge, fix and reimport....hate that ....and I always like to show off what I can do in Edius without having to switch back and forth between other applications.....this one not going down well....Did a fix infront of some clients...they were really impressed, but couldn't undo something I did, and I saw a frown......didn;t look good, and I didn't feel good either....if I was into sales of editing software, I would have surely lost a sale there......but whatever happens, EDIUS is my only choice.....dont like the others very much.


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          Same here the VST plugins don't work properly, I have been getting a strange hissing noice when I apply them, a couple work but most don't, I also have the big brother Ozone 4.3 which works great.

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            After reading comments about VST and problems with the Edius plug-in I contacted Isotope to see if the Edius plug-in would account for a break in the pricing of Ozone upgrade path. Nope was their response.
            I just started using VST and haven't had problems yet but I just started to use VST on an audio problem I was having on a project. Given how well Edius works for most of my editing, I just want to avoid those time consuming problems.