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  • Clip Markers?

    Edius 5

    Clip Markers

    Is there a difference between a "clip marker" and a "sequence marker"?

    I know how to set a sequence marker and that they are used for chapter marks when outputting to DVD.

    However, I keep seeing references to clip markers (On the new features page of the Edius 5 website:

    and the product related download page for the upgrade to 5.1:

    The only reference I can find for a Clip Marker when actually in Edius is in Settings/Application Settings, where I can snap to Clip Marker.

    I realize this may be a basic question with a simple answer but I'm stumped.

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    A clip marker is a reference to the clip

    A sequence marker is a reference on the sequence timeline.

    If you set a clip marker and move the clip on the timeline the clip marker will stay with the clip.

    If you set a sequence marker and move clips the sequence marker will stay on the same place
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      Remember that the clip markers need to be set in the Player window.


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        Thanks guys. Immediately after posting I saw a related post that also helped answer my question. Guess I should have done a search. I'm kinda new to the whole forum thing.


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          You'll love this one. Lots of answers here.