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Working with and downconverting 720 60p

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  • Working with and downconverting 720 60p

    I'm currently experimenting with DVCPRO HD 720p (960x720 native). Would like to try 60p for that 'real video' look, as well as the beautiful slo-mo capability, etc.

    Everything looks good in the HD 60p TL - however I'm trying to convert it for SD DVD, etc.

    How do you recommend exporting a master 720 60p edit for downconvert to .AVI or MPEG 2 for SD DVD?

    If I put it in a regular DV timeline, it looks bad (assumably interlaced), and if I try 480 30p, it seems to loose it's 'real video' look.

    Would also like to know if these step would work for 720 24p/720 30p as well, or if there are other steps you recommend (pulldown, etc).

    Thanks very much.

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    cross converting / down converting


    Just wondering if anyone has created any SD downconverts from 720 60p and what steps you recommend.

    Likewise - how do you recommend cross or downconverting DVCPRO HD material. The 1400 deck can help you cross convert between 720p to 1080i (and vice versa), as well as downconvert 720p/1080i to DV. I've seen it done with DVCPROHD tapes and the results are very good - smooth - no jags, etc.

    How do you recommend doing this with P2 720/1080 data (the best way to cross convert/down convert) with smooth 'jagless' results?