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Edius 5.1 with 5.1 audio at 1920X1080

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  • Edius 5.1 with 5.1 audio at 1920X1080

    I downloaded the Edius 5.1 trial version and try find a project setting
    for 1920X1080 video with 6 (or 8) channels. But i only found 1440X1080 with 8 channels. My Video files comes from Sony HDR-SR12E - 1920X1080 with 5.1 audio and i will not loose neither Video resulution, nor audio channels.
    Channel mapping for 6 (or 8) channels are only possible by settings of 1440X1080.
    If i will export to MPEG or H.264/AVC or BluRay i can manually change the resolution to 1920X1080 and the audio to 6 or 8 channels.
    BUT, will i loose video quality by "upskaling" to 1920X1080 ? (project setting has to be 1440X1080, otherwise i only will have two channels).

    Could anyone give to me information ?

    Another question i have: What is the correct Channel mapping for 5.1 Audio in Edius, could anyone give a hardcopy of such channel mapping ?

    How can i fully work in 1920X1080 with 5.1 Audio in Edius 5.1 ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have 8 channel presets for my HDSTORM @ 1920
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      Does no one can help me ?
      No one will work with Edius 5.1 with Dolby digital 5.1 Audio ?


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        I don't think Edius is the correct environment to work with more than 2 final audio channels. While it is possible to have multiple channels, they can only assign to Left or Right. (no front, rear, sub or center) If it were me, I'd export the assignable channels as .wav files and assemble them in something like ProTools.
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          I don't want to make complex audio editing or panning or anything like this.
          Just 5.1 Audio in and out at 1920X1080.
          I wonder why such professional program does not give this possibility, even now it is a new (5.1) update and more and more e.g. Sony Camera have 1920X1080 with 5.1 Audio.


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            In an 8-channel project, with the Channel Map set correctly, you can get 8 discrete channels out - either in an 8-channel-compatible file, or with the EDIUS HD hardware with HDBX1000 MIP.


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              Note: 8ch presets are also available with HDSTORM, HDTHUNDER (and I think also HDSPARK).


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                Try this, open a project that can take 6 channels, do all your editing, when you are finish, output an AC3 6 channels, then when it fihished, go to project settings and change it to 1920X1080 and output to blu-ray then use one of the freedemux program and demux the file, now you have 6 channel audio and still have 1920X1080 video, it should work.
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                  I read somewhere , as channel number :
                  1 -> Front left
                  2 -> Front right
                  3 -> Center
                  4 -> Woofer
                  5 -> Rear left
                  6 -> Rear right

                  Is it right ?

                  And is it possible to ear these channels through a HDspark connected to a HC amplifier ?

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