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Edius 5.1 surprise, QuickTitler colour eydropper

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    I am sorry guys but even i tried several times, i still cannot use the Quicktitler 's color picker on EDIUS 5.12.

    Am i doing something wrong? Can somebody describe the steps we can use it?

    Kostas Κ.

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      I was wrong in my post above. To this day, I can still not get the QuickTitler color picker to do anything. If others have the magic technique for using the color picker and saving a picked color to the palette for later use... please share it.


      Mike Truly
      Truly Media

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        This issue still has not been resolved?? Wow, what's the deal? I thought I was going nuts ... never seen a color picker like this one. Why is it even present? It's useless as is, correct?
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