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Nokia N95 MP4 Video Files Editing - Audio out of Sync

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  • Nokia N95 MP4 Video Files Editing - Audio out of Sync

    I'm having a big stress while editing MP4 videos from a Nokia N95 8Gb.
    It can be played quite well on a media player and even on Edius, but when it comes to the timeline all goes out of sync. And as I cut it into pieces, it gets quite worst.
    Since the Nokia N95 doesn't record a fixed frame rate, can it be the problem?
    Does anyone know anything that makes this strange MPEG-4 format out of sync?

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    There is NO way any of the compressed audio (MP4, MP3, etc) will be in sync after a while. You simply MUST convert the audio to WAV (48Khz, PCM, 16 bits) - then your audio will be okay.
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      If I was working with these files I would convert them all to Canopus HQ 1st then edit them - that way all audio will remain in synch no matter what you do


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        Thanks, guys! That's what I though!
        I've tried several convertions and most of them work perfect... QT, Uncompressed, MPEG-2, AVI...

        Thanks again!
        Good work!