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    I just purchased the Sony HDR FX1 - and I'm editing with Edius Pro 3.

    I have been editing with my VX2000, and have had no problems. I will start editing this weekend from my new Camera, and was wondering if there is anything different I will have to do to edit in HD.. I've been using the option "DV STORM" when I edit, and all goes well.

    If anyone has any information, or recommendations, please let me know.

    My main question is: Will I be able to edit with Edius Pro 3, with the new camera, the same way I've been editing with myh VX2000. I hope my end result will be Hi-Def.

    Gordie Quinn
    email: [email protected]

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    If you are currently editing in DV with your Storm board, you cannot have HD output from this board. It is a DV board.

    If your machine is fast and powerful enough to import and encode the HDV files to Edius HQ on the fly with an OHCI firewire board- not the Storm board - and then can edit these files in an appropriate project, you can output (after conforming the files) the files back to your camera for an HDV tape. If, as I suspect, you are thinking you can simply edit HDV on the DV timeline with your storm card, you are mistaken. You can shoot in HDV, downrezz to SD (DV) from the camera, and use these DV files as you have been with the Storm board, but they will NOT be HD. Check the forum for a variety of posts on this issue.
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