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Export P2 footage (MXF) to AVI

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  • Export P2 footage (MXF) to AVI

    A local TV station I'm working for is using Premiere. I own a Panasonic P2HD cam and my NLE is EDIUS Broadcast V4. EDIUS has currently by far the best P2 support. With P2 Select I can add all clips directly from the P2 card to the bin or first copy the P2 to the harddrive and select these virtual P2 files.

    The trouble is that I now should convert all these clip (MXF-format) in AVI-clips to deliver to the TV station. They don't want any pre-editing. The easiest way would be to use Raylight or similar software to convert MXF to AVI but I would like to do it with EDIUS (ProCoder Express). I could add all clips to the timeline and then export it to AVI using the Procoder. But to export each single clip I would have to add IN- and OUT-marks for every clip and export each clip one by one. Is there an easier way to do this?

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    I can't think of a way doing this now in have to wait for the 4.5 update to batch export
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      Adobe / Serious Magic's DV Rack HD comes with a Batch Converter and DVCProHD Decoder that will take your MXF files and convert them to AVIs or QuickTime files. The Batch Converter and DVCProHD Decoder used to be available as separate products, but I'm not sure that this is still the case.

      The most automated thing in Edius I can think of is to go to the bin, click on the clip(s) you want to convert, right-click and select Convert -> File, and convert to a format of your choice.

      There is a decode-only version of the Canopus codecs available for download from the support site, this would allow the station to edit HQ and Lossless files without having a full Edius or Procoder installation. If that's not an option, you can export uncompressed AVIs.


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        THoff, you're great. Like in the DVXUser forum you're more than responsive. Thanks.

        As you suggested I'll try to convert all clips to AVI lossless and then in a 2nd step use the ProCoder Express to convert these files to the final Microsoft AVI format. But probably I'll buy RayLight or DV Rack HD (for monitoring or streaming - even you've found a way to record 720p directly to EDIUS. Thanks again for this circumvention).


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          Adding to the already excellent advice...

          When you right click on the clips you can then export them to a watch folder directory that will automatically take the lossless files and create the format that you set up for the watch folder.